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  • Do you have more than 3 of these symptoms? Diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, headaches, flabby tummy, aging skin, low energy levels or mood swings?
  • Do you struggle to lose weight?
  • Maybe you are experiencing high stress levels?
  • Are you exposed to air pollution and cigarette smoke?
  • And constantly craving sugar?

If you answered YES to 3 or more of these questions - then it is time to Detox!

Why do we have to detox?

Our bodies are daily exposed to toxins due to exposure to air pollution, environmental toxins used to control insects and pests, cigarette smoke, alcohol, poor diets due to food high in preservatives, additives and sugar. These are all external toxins but we also have internal toxins due to waste products after digestion as well as release of stress hormones like Cortisol and Adrenaline.

When these toxins are not neutralized or excreted out of your body it may lead to infections, organ dysfunctions, heart attacks, strokes and cancer. We are wonderful creations with a body that has the ability to naturally cleanse itself from toxins. This is done through our liver, kidneys, skin and bowel duct. Despite our bodies' natural cleansing, an unhealthy lifestyle, no or too little exercise, unhealthy eating habits and the intake of external toxins (smoke, alcohol and medication) will still lead to a body filled with so many toxins that the natural cleansing will not function optimally and may need assistance.

Our bodies will never be completely rid of toxins but we should at least try to assist the natural method of “detoxification”.

La Ferm’s Solution to DETOX: Our Shake if Off DETOX box!

La FERM wants to take hands with you by implementing an easy to follow detox programme with our Shake-it-Off DETOX box! Besides our practical 3-week meal plan and exercise program, we have also packed almost 50% of the ingredients for the meals on the 3-week menu - already in single portions for your convenience! Different from our other Box’s, the DETOX BOX is Wheat- and Sugar free and packed with superfoods high in Anti-oxidants and Phytonutrients. Everything you need to DETOX!

La Ferm's holistic approach consists of a practical meal plan and exercise program that runs for three weeks and would help you shake off extra kilo's and loose cm's that would stay off. Our aim is to equip you with the tools necessary in the process of making a lifestyle change so that it would be sustainable and healthy and you would really see and feel the results.

Please note that the Shake-it-Off DETOX box program is separate from our “Vasbyt” program where we monitor each individual on a daily basis. The box is specifically for the on-the-go individuals who want to use the tools provided to make the lifestyle change on their own. If you want to be part of a group that is monitored daily and continuously motivated during the three-week program, please keep an eye on the Vasbyt section and register for the Vasbyt.

What to expect from the Shake-it-Off DETOX box program:

The Box program includes a 3-week meal plan and 3-week exercise program with videos, as well as your DETOX BOX that includes most of the dry products you would need to implement the meal plan. All the information and guidelines you would need are provided once off, on a memory stick in your box! For only R1480 per box with portions for a woman and R1540 for a box with portions for a man, you could reap the benefits!

The Shake-it-off DETOX Box includes:

  • The 21-day meal plan with a shopping list, 21-day menu and delicious recipes
  • An effective, balanced exercise program, spread over 21 days
  • And The Box, with a large part of 3 weeks' meals packed in portions (worth R1 480) - including:

    • Variety of Wheat free breakfast options
    • 9 Detox Superfood Smoothie mixes (all dry ingredients)
    • Some snacks for snack time
    • Salad sprinkles to spice up your salads and vegetable dishes
    • Sportron Teaguard ® Rejuvenate tea
    • PLUS: Special exercise and detox surprises

This box could change your life! We provide the dry ingredients – already packed in portions for 21 days and you get a shopping list as guide to buy the fresh ingredients you would need… All of this to make this three-week life changing program even lighter!

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Hierdie Shake-it-Off DETOX box is ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.